Scheduled Executions

Scheduled Executions in Texas

Texas has passed 500 executions in the modern era since the 1976 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the death penalty was constitutional. Texas conducted its first execution after the ruling in 1982.

To express your opposition to any execution, you can contact Governor Greg Abbott’s office at 512 463 2000. If you call after business hours, you can leave a voice mail message. During business hours, someone should answer the phone. You can also send a message using a form on Abbott’s official website.

Scheduled Execution Link Last Name First Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth Race Date Received County
1/18/2018 Offender Information Shore Anthony 999488 06/25/1962 W 11/15/2004 Harris
1/30/2018 Offender Information Rayford William 999371 05/21/1953 B 01/04/2001 Dallas
2/1/2018 Offender Information Battaglia John 999412 08/02/1955 W 05/01/2002 Dallas
2/22/2018 Offender Information Whitaker Thomas 999522 12/31/1979 W 03/23/2007 Fort Bend
3/27/2018 Offender Information Rodriguez, III Rosendo 999534 03/26/1980 H 05/14/2008 Lubbock

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Mrs Flood

Help Save Richard Vasquez he’s due to be exercuted on the 15th January 2015 he should Not die can you imagine a child aged nine given heroine by his own father? Plus his mother Really what a monster then Richard ends up with a girl who also was an addict and mother of little (Miranda the Victom ) Richard shouldnt be Murdered because of the affects from what his father did to him ….people with good representation don’t usually end up on Death Row that’s something Richard didn’t have how can he be exercuted when he hasn’t been heard I ask ?


please pray that they, don’t executed Derrick Charles on May 12, 2015. Give him another chance at life. He was young and foolish, broth up in a home of mental illness. What he done was wrong and he can’t change that. Giving him another chance at life can prove that people can change. He such a young man.


Please Help, Licho Escamilla, he doesn’t deserve to die. Who are we to judge and sentenced people to die. We are definitely NOT GOD to issue anyone to die.. Especially Licho Escamilla. He was young, people make mistakes when they are young. Please Help Licho, his childhood was not a good one, as many of these men have. I have attached Licho Escamillas’ Website.. Please help him.


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