Upcoming Scheduled Executions in Texas

Scheduled Executions in Texas

Texas has passed 500 executions in the modern era since the 1976 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the death penalty was constitutional. Texas conducted its first execution after the ruling in 1982.

To express your opposition to any execution, you can contact the Governor’s office at 512 463 2000. If you call after business hours, you can leave a voice mail message. During business hours, someone should answer the phone.

Richard Vasquez’s January 15, 2015 date was STAYED on Jan 5 and reset for April 23.

519) Arnold Prieto, January 21, 2015   (First Execution Under Gov. Abbott)

520) Garcia White, January 28 ,2015

521) Robert Ladd, January 29, 2015

522) Donald Newbury, February 4, 2015

523) Lester Bower, Jr, February 10, 2015

524) Rodney Reed, March 5, 2015

525) Manuel Vasquez, March 11, 2015

526) Randall Mays, March 18, 2015

527) Kent Sprouse, April 9, 2015

528) Manuel Garza, April 15, 2015

529) Richard Vasquez, April 23, 2015

530) Robert Pruett, April 28, 2015

531) Charles Derrick, May 12, 2015

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Mrs Flood

To Whom It May Concern
I feel it’s wrong to exercute Richard Vasquez he has not been represented properly of course it’s sad that a child died he was very very young aT the time the crime was Committed, no jury has heard that his father gave his 9yr old son (Richard Vasquez) heroine his mother was an addict also!I ask Why should he be punished for what his Discarceful parents did to him ? he never had a chance in life so please I beg of you please give Richard his life NOT Death I feel Richard is really a good young man
Regards Mrs Lee Flood


He should not be exercuted his life would and could be better if it was not for his Father and Mother Girlfriend all herion addicts his father giving him herion at the age of 9ys and making him do things that NO child should be made to do he needs someone to help get him a stay !he deserves to live his parents should be taking Richards place they are the ones that should be on death Row ! He would not of hurt Miranda if it where not for the addiction of the drugs! Cause by his Parents then he ends up with a girlfriend Mother of Miranda also a heroine addict ! Please Give back a life to Richard as he never had one from the age of 9yrs please don’t forget that!… then he hasn’t had the correct representation in court so please stand up and help Richard now!


I fell it’s wrong to Murder Richard I agree with everything Leeann has said he never had a chance due to his father he’s grown into a good young man …due to his growth in life of kindness…. Please give Richard Vasquez a STAY if anyone ever deserves one it’him … God Bless


I Please give Richard Vasquez a STAY… if anyone anyone deserves one it’him … God Bless


I agree with all four comments, how can we stop crime committed by young people? How many passed away already. We as a society are doing nothing at all, we just don´t learn. Crime is present in every singular culture in our country. Drugs are making slavery out of our young people in the new generations the parents had already a drug history, what we supposed to expect? What our children supposed to learn? They learning to see drugs abuse a normal conduct. Richard Vázquez is one of the victims… ending as a offender. What about Robert Pruett he on schedule by April 28. None of them deserve to live at the very young age in so many troubles, but here we are. Robert will be executed when he is not guilty… In other words justice is not justice when is not 100 0/0 sure, this is the case of Robert he also had to deal with adult problems that did not belong to him. I beg to Gov. Abbott nothing but Justice.


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